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5/19/2017 Ticket Purchase
I decided to call to reserve tickets instead of doing it online! The young lady who answered the phone was exceptionally nice and helpful answering every question I had! I saved $10 by booking with Reserve Gatlinburg and I will definitely use them again and I would recommend them to anyone visiting the area!
5/19/2017 Ticket Purchase
We found the website a little glitchy and had to try more than once to get everything to work.
5/16/2017 Ticket Purchase
Very Good and easy to use
5/15/2017 Ticket Purchase
Searching through the venues was easy and so was the purchase process. I would definitely purchase this way again.
5/13/2017 Ticket Purchase
Quick and easy and best price I found online!
5/8/2017 Ticket Purchase
service was strictly online and I had no issues, loved the discount
4/28/2017 Ticket Purchase
Customer Service excellent. Was patient. Answered all questions completely. Made purchase process easy.
4/26/2017 Ticket Purchase
i have been buying tickets from Reserve Gatlinburg for many years and the customer service is great.The website is so convenient.
4/26/2017 Ticket Purchase
It was very nice to be able to book all my dinner shows with one phone call. My customer service person was very pleasant to work with.
4/21/2017 Ticket Purchase
phone conversation went very smooth thank you
4/16/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
We made reservations at a hotel due to pics YOU advertised, just to drive 4 hrs away to find out the pics were of ANOTHER hotel, which property staff kindly explained was in extreme needs of repair!!! I was horrified!!!!! We will NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN!.
4/14/2017 Ticket Purchase
3/25/2017 Ticket Purchase
Very pleasant to deal with and saved me a few bucks.
3/24/2017 Ticket Purchase
A very pleasant way to purchase the tickets and when I called the person was very polite and respectful.
3/22/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Process went smoothly.
3/20/2017 Ticket Purchase
Easy to use and good value for the money!
3/16/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Easy to understand and very detailed on events/ things to do!
3/9/2017 Ticket Purchase
Great experience, so glad I was able to find out about it & get tickets taken care of!
3/8/2017 Ticket Purchase
Was a little difficult to understand the discounts if more than one show was booked. Thought that we should be able to see seating arrangements and select seats since we are purchasing 6 weeks in advance of shows
3/7/2017 Ticket Purchase
My family always uses reserve gatlinburg. It is easy to use and you always save a lot more than if you buy the tickets there. I had my tickets mailed to me and they arrived in three days.

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