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4/11/2018 Ticket Purchase
Quick and easy no waiting in lines
4/11/2018 Ticket Purchase
Gave us a discount on our Biltmore tickets and made the payment process secure and quick. We'll use this service again.
4/8/2018 Ticket Purchase
Happy with the overall simplicity of everything
4/5/2018 Ticket Purchase
3/28/2018 Ticket Purchase
It was very easy to reserve our tickets to the Biltmore. I have printed out my tickets and I am ready to go!
3/27/2018 Ticket Purchase
Your service does not allow you to pick the time you can enter Biltmore. When I called you to ask I was told I had to contact Biltmore directly to get the time. Also the reference number I was given doesn’t even match what the actual number you need from Biltmore website or when calling them directly to get in. Will never use again.
Reserve Gatlinburg Response: Thank you for your response. We are an online reservation company that offers discounted tickets for most of our products. With the discounted tickets we are unable to set entry times for the house. When you purchased the Biltmore Estates tickets it was at a discounted price of $65.00+tax that is a savings of $10.00 per ticket. After placing the order you are required to contact Biltmore at the number provide on the e-ticket to set up your entry time. We do apologize for any inconvenience. 
3/23/2018 Ticket Purchase
It was very easy to purchase what I wanted and to get info about the different attractions & shows
3/20/2018 Ticket Purchase
When we bought our attractions. Then canceled them .we got our money back.then we bought more attractions.
3/19/2018 Ticket Purchase
When we got Biltmore House they had no record of me purchasing a ticket. Someone needs to work on the communication between Reserve Gatlinburg and Biltmore House and Gardens.
Reserve Gatlinburg Response: Thank you for your feedback. Your E-ticket voucher does instruct you to call and set-up a tour time directly with Biltmore for high volume dates. The date that you purchased was a high volume date. We do apologize for any confusion! We hope you enjoyed your time in the Biltmore!
3/13/2018 Ticket Purchase
website was setup perfect and easy to do
3/6/2018 Ticket Purchase
Ticketing process was smooth. Customer service was wonderful. Looking forward to the trip.
3/6/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Very convenient with step by step guidance! Very excited about our vacation to Gatlinburg in december!😁
3/2/2018 Ticket Purchase
2/27/2018 Ticket Purchase
Quick and easy
2/23/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Reservations were quick and easy. The website is very explanatory about wjat you're buying, and what to expect from your experience. After paying via PayPal, I received a message saying they needed to verify my payment with PayPal, along with a number to call. I was connected to a representative within a minute, very friendly, and only took about 2 minutes to verify. Highly recommend for building the perfect vacation package!
2/23/2018 Ticket Purchase
2/18/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Process was pretty quick and easy. Availability was what I needed.
2/17/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
only trouble I had was getting dates set on the site,took many tries to finally get done ,was not user friendly
2/10/2018 Ticket Purchase
So easy and great prices
2/9/2018 Ticket Purchase
This site was easy to use as it is user friendly and simple.

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